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The Nasty Women Art Show, an important first step for female artists in the Trump era

Three-hundred fifty artists and 1,700 people managed to raise $30,000 for Planned Parenthood.

Colombians divided after voters reject FARC peace deal

Emotions ran high in the streets of Bogota as Colombians learned that a referendum to end a 50-year war failed to pass.

Booming business on Venezuela's 'wild' border

Welcome to Puerto Santander, the unregulated border town on the Venezuela-Colombia border where people get what they need and get out.

Former FARC child soldiers face uncertain future

Two former militants share their stories of childhood at war, escaping from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, and their hopes for the future

Walking in Peace: The Legacy of Land Mines in Afghanistan

After decades of conflict, the people of Afghanistan still live in fear of land mines. A United Nations program is dedicated to disabling the explosives to bring peace to rural areas.

Originally produced for Al Jazeera America 

the u.s. and argentina's dirty war

Forty years after the beginning of Argentina's Dirty War, protestors took to the streets to honor the missing and to bring attention to the troubling role of the U.S. in the conflict.

Originally produced for Al Jazeera America

Philippe Cousteau’s fight against climate change

The grandson of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau talks about his quest to help save the environment.

Fatema Mernissi, Nawal El Saadawi, and Amina Wadud: A Survey of Islamic Feminism

Making Waves: Hiring and Running a Business the Oru Kayak Way